Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (2024)

By Joe Svetlik


Including the flagship MZ2000 OLED

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (1)

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It's January, which means the Consumer Electronic show (CES 2013) is in full swing bring with it new TVs galore. Panasonic is one of the main players in this space, and like most of its rivals, it has taken to the Las Vegas tech show to unveil its new range of TVs for 2023.

The brand's offerings were among our favourite TVs of last year, with one model making our list of best OLED TVs. So we're excited to see what it has in store for 2023.

At time of writing, the firm has only officially confirmed one new TV – the top-of-the-range MZ2000. But it's sure to announce all the details of the rest of its range soon (though last year this wasn't until May, so we could be in for a wait). Until then, we've filled in the blanks with what we expect from the new models, based on last year's range.

Panasonic's best HDR picture yet

Panasonic's flagship MZ2000 OLED TV follows the five-star LZ2000, so hopes are high it will be another stellar effort. And on paper, it definitely seems so. It promises Panasonic's "best and brightest picture" yet, thanks to its new custom OLED panel that the brand has christened Master OLED Ultimate. It's powered by Panasonic's HCX Pro AI processor, has a new multi-layer heat management system, and uses Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology to better focus the light from the panel's OLEDs and increase brightness.

The result? Peak brightness that's a staggering 150 per cent higher than Panasonic's 2022 OLED TVs. Which should make it perfect for HDR content, based on how great movies looked when we watched them on last year's Panasonic OLEDs.

Better reading the room

Like Panasonic's previous OLEDs, the MZ2000 supports Filmmaker Mode, which aims to present the picture exactly as the director intended. But the new set takes this a set further – it features an upgraded ambient colour temperature sensor that's better at detecting the lighting conditions in your room. Though we haven't tested it yet, so can't confirm how we it works, according to Panasonic this lets the set more accurately adjust the colour and contrast to give you the optimum viewing experience. And as with previous OLEDs, Panasonic has again enlisted the help of long-time collaborator and renowned Hollywood colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld to ensure it's as accurate as possible. Again, we haven't reviewed the new set yet, but considering the wonderfully, as the director intended it, results past Panasonic TVs we've tested we have high hopes for the new model.

Sound by Technics

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (2)

The LZ2000 was very impressive on the audio front during our checks last year, and we're glad to see Panasonic continue that focus with the MZ2000. The new TV is equipped with a Dolby Atmos sound system that's tuned by Panasonic's hi-fi brand Technics.

This features multiple built-in upward-firing, side-firing and front-firing speakers. The front speaker array runs the whole width of the TV behind a speaker grille, and now features a wider soundstage. It also features three modes that give you greater control over where to place the sound: in one point (Pinpoint Mode), a certain place or group of people (Area Mode) or boosted in one particular spot (Spot Mode).

The bass-boosting algorithm has been upgraded too, and should lend the low end more impact when a soundtrack requires it.

Gamers' delight

The MZ2000's increased brightness will of course benefit everyone whether they're watching or playing video games on the TV, but gamers also get a new True Game Mode. This promises to be as carefully calibrated as the TV's movie presets. Panasonic says the MZ2000 will have improved tone mapping for more accurate HDR, as well as dedicated audio modes for gaming. ALLM and VRR (including G-Sync and Freesync) are supported once again as well. ALLM and VRR are key features we expect on any modern gaming TV that let the set adjust the frame rate. This means they can raise it above the traditional 60fps, offering more responsive gameplay when a compatible console, like the PS5, is connected to an HDMI 2.1 port.

However, like its predecessor, it still only has two HDMI 2.1 sockets that support 4K/120Hz. Which is a little disappointing, considering that its high-end rivals boast four such ports. Its Dolby Vision game mode has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz too, rather than 120Hz, which could turn off some Xbox Series X gamers.

Panasonic 2023 TV range breakdown

That's some of the highlights of the new range, then. But which exact models can we expect?

As we say, Panasonic has only announced the MZ2000 so far. But we would be amazed if it didn't unveil the following TVs as well...

Panasonic MZ2000 OLED TV

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (3)

This is Panasonic's range-topper for 2023, an all-singing, all-dancing follow-up to the excellent LZ2000. The 77-inch model has a slightly upgraded screen on the smaller models – Panasonic calls this Master OLED Pro Cinema Size.

Panasonic MZ2000 specs:

  • Sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch
  • Display type: Master OLED Pro Cinema Size (TX-77MZ2000B), Master OLED Ultimate (TX-65MZ2000B and TX-55MZ2000B)
  • Resolution:4K
  • Processor: HCX Pro AI Processor
  • HDMI 2.1: Yes x2 (4x HDMI total)
  • Gaming features: Game Mode, VRR, ALLM, AMD Freesync Premium, G-Sync Compatible
  • Sound:360° Soundscape Pro

Panasonic MZ2000 pricing:

  • Panasonic TX-77MZ2000B: TBC
  • Panasonic TX-65MZ2000B: TBC
  • Panasonic TX-55MZ2000B: TBC

Panasonic TVs we're still waiting to see

While the TV looks great, this is the only one Panasonic's shown off so far. Below you can see a breakdown of other sets we're hoping to see later this hear.

Panasonic MZ1500

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (4)

Speculation time. Panasonic hasn't announced a TV with the model number MZ1500. But going on past form, we're willing to bet that it will. It's likely to occupy the same space as last year's LZ1500 (pictured) –namely, as a similar offering to the MZ2000, but with a simplified sound system.

It's also likely to come in a greater range of sizes – the LZ1500 came in 42- and 48-inch models, to go with the same 55- and 65-inchers of its more expensive sibling.

Panasonic MZ1000

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (5)

Like the LZ1000 (pictured) before it, the MZ1000 is likely to be another step down from the flagship MZ2000. The LZ1000 featured a Master OLED panel, rather than the Master OLED Pro of its more premium siblings. We've no reason to assume the MZ1000 won't have a similarly downgraded screen.

Panasonic MZ980

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (6)

Like the LZ980 (pictured) from last year, the MZ980 is likely to be basically identical to the MZ1000 apart from sporting a lesser screen (the LZ980 had a non-Master OLED screen). It's also likely to be exclusive to a certain retailer, just like its predecessor.

Panasonic MX940

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (7)

Now onto Panasonic's LCD TVs. Last year saw it launch the LX940 (pictured), which had a 120Hz LCD panel with LED backlight. However, this model was EU-only, and didn't launch in the UK, so here's hoping a possible MX940 could see the light of day on these shores.

Panasonic MX800

Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (8)

The UK did get one non-OLED Panasonic model last year though. This was the LX800, which, unlike the rest of Panasonic's range, ran Google's Android TV operating system. It came in 43-, 50-, 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes – the two smaller models had HDR Bright Panel+ displays while the bigger sets were designated as HDR Cinema Display. Fingers crossed we see an MX800 this year with some slight upgrades.


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Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (9)

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    Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know (2024)


    Panasonic 2023 TV lineup: everything you need to know? ›

    Panasonic's flagship LED TV for 2023 features Mini LED technology with a Quantum Dot layer. Panasonic says this will produce "superior brightness and minimal halo effect". The HCX Pro AI Processor and new Filmmaker Mode are here too, as are the Game Mode Extreme and AMD FreeSync Premium gaming features.

    What is the new Panasonic TV for 2023? ›

    The MX950 is Panasonic's flagship LCD TV for 2023, and it sees the brand wading into new areas by adopting Mini LED and Quantum Dot colour technology for the backlight. That should hopefully result in higher peak brightness for HDR, stronger black levels, and improved colour performance over previous models.

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    Here are our expert choices for the best Panasonic TVs you can buy in 2023.
    1. Panasonic 42 inch LZ800 OLED 4K UHD Smart TV (2022) ...
    2. Panasonic TX-55LZ1000B (2022) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. ...
    3. Panasonic TX-50MX650B 50-inch TV (2023) ...
    4. Panasonic 65 inch LX650 Android TV. ...
    5. PANASONIC TX-55LX800B 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV.

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    Panasonic Televisions: OLED |4K UHD TV | Smart TV | LED TV | Full HD TV.

    Are Panasonic TVs good quality? ›

    Panasonic has long offered some of the best TVs in the market, dating back to the days of CRT models. And the manufacturer offers a nice collection of large screen televisions today, especially excelling as the most energy efficient TV brand.

    How long does Panasonic TV last? ›

    Panasonic was the first to claim the 60,000 hour life span, up from a previous 30,000 just a year prior and now Samsung, LG and Panasonic claim 100,000 hours to half life. So how long will a plasma last? The long and short of it is that it depends upon your daily hourly usage as well as how you use the monitor.

    What is the next TV screen technology? ›

    META Technology comprises a 'Micro Lens Array' that maximizes light emission from the OLED panel and 'META Booster,' a brightness-enhancing algorithm. According to LGD based on META technology, their latest OLED displays can achieve 60% brighter images and 30% wider viewing angles than conventional OLED displays.

    Is Panasonic or Samsung TV better? ›

    Once again, it's hard to really split these two in terms of picture quality. Largely, any well-made TV in this price range is going to have a similar output. Panasonic and Samsung have both made some very good budget Ultra HD 4K TVs.

    Is Sony or Panasonic TV better? ›

    Picture quality: Both Sony and Panasonic offer TVs with excellent picture quality, but Sony is known for its high-end OLED and 4K HDR TVs, while Panasonic offers more budget-friendly options with good picture quality. Sound quality: Sony is known for its advanced audio t.

    Which TV technology lasts the longest? ›

    LEDs tend to be better because the light-emitting diodes create clearer images [1]. LED comes in two parts for Samsung TVs: OLED and QLED. OLED TVs have an excellent lifespan and offer a better colorful display than QLED. According to our TV professionals, most of these TVs last for between five to seven years.

    What is the newest Panasonic TV? ›

    Panasonic's flagship LED TV for 2023 features Mini LED technology with a Quantum Dot layer. Panasonic says this will produce "superior brightness and minimal halo effect". The HCX Pro AI Processor and new Filmmaker Mode are here too, as are the Game Mode Extreme and AMD FreeSync Premium gaming features.

    What does Viera mean on Panasonic TV? ›

    "Viera" refers to Panasonic's product line of flat panel televisions. The name "Viera" comes from "Visual Era."

    What do Panasonic TV model numbers mean? ›

    Panasonic TVs 2022: Model numbers explained

    Let's take the TX-55LZ2000B as our example. TX = sale region, with 'TX' representing the UK. 55 = screen size in inches (measured across the diagonal) L= Year, with 'L' representing 2022. Z = OLED (meanwhile, X = LCD LED)

    Why is Panasonic so expensive? ›

    Panasonic devices may be more expensive up front but combine the rigorous testing, top-of-the-line durability, the fact that Panasonic devices rarely need service (unlike cheaper brands), and the core manufacturing expertise built into every Panasonic device and you can count on the fact that your mobile device will ...

    What is Panasonic best known for? ›

    In addition to consumer electronics, of which it was the world's largest maker in the late 20th century, Panasonic offers a wide range of products and services, including rechargeable batteries, automotive and avionic systems, industrial systems, as well as home renovation and construction.

    Which company TV brand is best? ›

    Samsung: Best TV Brand Overall. For almost two decades, Samsung has been one the world's most popular TV brands, and it's easy to see why. The company annually introduces new TVs that are on the cutting-edge, most recently seen in its 2023 Neo QLED, QLED and OLED models.

    Is Panasonic TV discontinued? ›

    Panasonic will continue TV development in Japan and Europe but cease in-house production of TVs. Starting in 2022, production of new TV models will move to an external partner, which was not identified. Nikkei previously reported that China's TCL is a likely partner.

    Where is the new Panasonic? ›

    In July 2022, Panasonic announced it would build a new lithium-ion battery plant in DeSoto, Kansas, a small town located right off a major highway.

    What is the most expensive Panasonic TV? ›

    5 Panasonic TH-152UX1 ($500,000)

    This 4K 3D 152-inch screen beauty is Panasonic's most expensive TV, offering users a mesmerizing experience better than many cinemas.

    What is Samsung TV coming out in 2023? ›

    Emboldened by its success, Samsung has launched two new QD-OLED TVs for 2023 – the flagship S95C and the more affordable S90C.


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