KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (2024)

As a rich experienced wireless 3 way switch factory, Hidintech always insists on safety and quality in the first place. Our smart switch 3 way products were sold all over the world to wholesalers, distributors, brand manufacturers, electrical supplies, etc.
KS-602F US standard 3 way wifi light switch hasa traditional mechanical lighting switch function. Two three way smart light switches control one light. At the same time, the3-way wifi light switch also has various intelligent functions, such as voice control, mobile phone control, scene-setting, etc.
* MOQ: No MOQ for stock 3 way wireless light switch, 500pcs for OEM smart light switch

* Price: Please send us a message to get the latest 3-way smart switch bulk price.
* Quality: Strictly selected flame retardant PC-V0 materials, overload protection
* Certificates: ETL, CE, FCC, ROHS
* Leadtime: 7-15 days
* Inspection:100% manual inline and final inspection
* Packing: 2pcs in one package or 1 pc smart light switch 3 way in one box
* Shipping Methods: by DHL, UPS, FedEx, Air, Sea shipment, etc.
* Aftersale Service: 12-month warranty, free technical support

KS-602F Wifi 3 way switch description

KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (1)
Three way smart switchfunction
1. Mobileremote 3 way switch
2.3 way timer switch
3. Sharing with your family
4. Physical button
5. Overload protection
6. LED indicator

KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (2)
Use voice control wireless three way light switch to turn on off the led lights, lamps. It works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.
KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (3)
Wireless three way switch with LED indicator could guide you find the switch in the darkness easily.
KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (4)
Remote control 3 way light switch timing and schedule
Set the get-up and sleep time to auto active the light switch every day.

KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (5)
Control 3 way remote light switch on smart life app under 2g, 3g, 4g, wifi from anywhere. No distance limitation.
KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (6)
You could one key set different scene pattern on theremote control 3 way switch​​​​​​​. Sleep pattern, theater pattern, leaving home pattern.
KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (7)
Wireless 3 way switch kit​​​​​​​ size and specification
KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (8)
How to wire a 3 way switch?
Notes before installation
1. Wi-Fi only supports a 2.4GHz network(802.11b/g/n)
2. Neutral wire required
3. Basic electricalthree-way switch wiring knowledge or experience is needed, or please consult a professional electrician.
4. Never connect the neutral wire to any switch wires.
5. On/off button also could be used as a reset button, long press to reset your smart switch to factory defaults. Only do this when you are sure you want to erase all your settings.

Smart home three way switch wiringdiagram guide
Step 1. Turn off the circuit breaker
Find your lights' control in the circuit breaker and turn it off, the make sure the power is off by flipping your switch a few times.
Step 2. Find neutral wire
In the wall cassette. Look for one or more white wires secured with a wire nut. If you can't find a neutral wire, please change another wall cassette. If you still can't, please find a technician to help.
Step 3. Wireless remote 3 way light switch wiring as the picture.
White wire represents the neutral wire or zero wire.
Black wire represents the hot wire. The black wire between two switches is travel wire.
Green or yellow or a single bare copper wire represents the ground wire.
Step 4. Turn on the circuit breaker. Turn on the switches' power. Press the switch a few times to make sure it works.
Step 5. Check the wifi light. Tab the NEXT when the Wi-Fi indicator light rapidly blinks.

Three step connect thewireless 3 way wall switch to get easy started.
Connect WiFi - Download App - Add devices

KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (9)
Three way wifi light switchpacking
KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (10)

After KS-602S, the KS-602F wireless 3 way switchwas launched in response to market demand. KS-602F has the advantages of a smart switch. And at the same time, it can be used as an ordinary switch.

Smart home automation 3 way switch configurations:

Power supply modeNeutral+live wire
Rated voltageAC110V~125V(50/60Hz)
Load powerINC 500W(Max)
LED 150W(Max)
Wireless standardIEEE802.11b/g/n
Working frequency2.412~2.484MHz
Wireless security supportWEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Encryption typeWEP/AES/TKIP
Static power loss≦0.5W
Working environment-20°C~75°C
Working humidity<95%
Controlling distanceno distance limitation
3 way wifi light switch size120*70*35.5MM

Appearance Simple and Top

1. Exquisite appearance and high quality. The wireless 3 way light switch uses firm iron key brackets. It’s combined with the stylish and concise American standard large cover. The product appearance design is suitable for most home decoration styles.
2. Standard US size single pole 3 way switch. It can be perfectly matched with US standard 2, 3, 4 gangs cover and built in switch cassette. This wireless three way switch can also be matched with other types of US standard switches or wall sockets.
3. Design of large and small rivet holes to meet the needs of different installation box.
4. The face cover is easy to disassemble and replace. You can change the face cover you like at any time.
5. Support printing LOGO on the remote 3 way switch cover.

Safe and Durable Material

1. Use high-grade PC-V0 fire-retardant material. It is safer than ordinary ABS materials.
2. The metal bracket makes the remote 3 way light switch feel high-end as a whole. More importantly, the load-bearing capacity of the metal bracket is much larger than that of the plastic bracket. In other words, the switch of the metal bracket is not easily broken during installation and has a longer service life.

Complete certification: ETL/ FCC

Functional Aspect

1. 3 way wireless electrical switch support mobile phone remote control. You can turn on or off your lights anytime and anywhere.
2. Support multiple network control. After the 3 way smart switch is successfully connected with the App, you can still use the 3G/4G mobile phone network to control the 3 way remote control light switch even if you don’t have Wi-fi.
3. Voice Control three way remote light switch. Support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance.
4. 3 way timer switch. You can set a timing point to turn on or off the wireless three way light switch. Currently supports 20 sets of timing points.
5. One-click smart sharing. You can share the control of this 3 way wifi light switch app to your family and friends. So they can also control it at the same time.
6. Support scene setting
7. It has the functions of mutual control and single control. You only need to buy one mutual control switch to save cost. It can be replaced with the common mutual control switch near the light in your home. Then the wifi three way switch will realize the pairing of intelligent mutual control switch and common mutual control switch. In this way, only one mutual control switch is needed. It can remotely control your ordinary mutual control and intelligent mutual control switches. At the same time, this remote three way switch can also be used as a single control switch.
8. The LED indicator has moderate brightness. It’s easy to find the switch in the dark
9. This three way remote control switch is based on Tuya Wi-Fi solution, without central control
10. Wide voltage design. Using a magnetic latching relay, it can be connected to 3W to 150W (LED), 500W (INC) lamps. The internal fuse is equipped, in the case of excessive current. The internal fuse will automatically blow to protect the internal components Device.
11. The keys are crisp to the touch and the sound is pleasant. It is similar to the traditional switch button and has intelligent functions. In this way, it allows users to have a smart life without changing their habits.

Package for a Three Way Smart Switch

1. Color box packaging with different design styles.
2. Complete accessories, provide caps, screws, manuals, no need for you to install additional materials
3. Support custom logo on the 3 way wifi switch, or OEM packaging. At the same time, if you have a good idea, we support ODM products


1) Thissmart light switch 3 way is used in alternating current, not a low-voltage product.
2) Zero live wire switch. It needs a neutral wire to work
3) If the electric 3 way switch switch does not need to perform the mutual control function, but only the smart on/off switch, the switch will leave a T wire. Please be sure to screw the extra T wire with a wire cap to prevent electric shock.

If you would like to know more about the smart switch 3 way, please click Milfra wireless 3 way switch to contact us.

KS-602F Wireless 3 Way Switch Smart Light Switch Manufacturer (2024)


Which is brand smart switch? ›

Compare the best smart light switches
ProductBest forSmart home compatibility
Lutron CasetaBest overallAmazon, Apple, Google
Leviton Decora SmartBest switch selectionAmazon, Apple, Google, Z-Wave, Zigbee
Kasa SmartBest for budgetsAmazon, Google, SmartThings
WemoBest for HomeKitApple
1 more row

Do smart switches work with 3-way switches? ›

3-way smart switches act as replacements for your traditional 3-way switches, giving you new ways to control the lights and devices in your smart homes. They work intuitively with your home Wi-Fi network and can be installed without having to overhaul your complete home lighting system.

Do I need to replace both 3-way switches with smart switches? ›

When installing Decora Smart® Wi-Fi devices do I need to replace both switches? Yes. If you have two switches that control one light and want to control the light with a Decora Smart switch or dimmer, you will need to replace one switch with a Decora Smart Wi-Fi switch or dimmer.

Why is my smart light switch not working? ›

Oftentimes, a smart switch will stop working due to incompatible Wi-Fi. Many newer routers use a 5GHz signal by default, which means some older 2.4GHz switches will not connect after a router upgrade. In this case, you either have to switch off 5GHz or replace older 2.4GHz switches.

Which company Smart Switch is best? ›

The Nanoleaf Sense+ Controls Smart Light Switch was one of our favorite announcements from the CES 2023 trade show. It has built-in motion and ambient-light sensors, along with Thread and Matter support. It also includes Nala, Nanoleaf's Automations Learning Assistant, which can learn your lighting routines.

Who manufactures switch? ›

Nintendo Switch
Top: A Nintendo Switch in "TV mode", with the Joy-Con attached to a grip and the main unit docked Bottom: A Nintendo Switch in "Handheld mode", with the Joy-Con attached to the sides of the controller
ManufacturerFoxconn Hosiden
Product familyNintendo Switch
TypeVideo game console
32 more rows

Do both 3-way switches need to be dimmers? ›

If you're replacing two 3-way light switches at the top and bottom of a stairwell or at either end of a hallway, you might think you need two 3-way dimmer switches, but you actually only need one. When using a 3-way dimmer switch, you should only have one dimmer on the circuit.

Do you need a special switch for a 3-way switch? ›

The key ingredient is a special type of switch called a “three-way” switch. You'll need two of them, one to replace the existing switch and another for the new switch location.

What happens if you wire a smart light switch wrong? ›

If you wire a single-pole switch wrong, the light won't come on at all. If you wire a 3-way switch wrong, you may be able to turn the light on from one switch, but not the other. It's important to review how to wire a switch before attempting this project.

Do smart lights still take power if the switch is on but light is not? ›

As we mentioned above, smart bulbs are in a class of appliances that use electricity in standby mode: vampire devices. This means that smart bulbs use electricity even when they're off.

Why is my Smart Switch wireless not connecting? ›

Go to their Settings > WiFi and turn it on. Preferably, you should connect both the devices to the same WiFi network. You can also turn on the WiFi feature from the notification tab as well. If it still won't work, then restart your devices and try connecting them again.

What is the rule for 3 way switches? ›

As a rule, we must always install 3-way switches in pairs, and then as many 4-way switches as necessary. For example, if a light is to be controlled from four different locations we would need two 3-way switches and two 4-way switches.

Do I need two smart switches if I have two switches to control one light? ›

Yes. If you have two switches that control one light and want to control the light with a Decora Smart Zigbee switch or dimmer, you will need to replace one switch with a Decora Smart Zigbee switch or dimmer.

How do I turn my regular switch into a smart switch? ›

Tips for Installing a Smart Light Switch
  1. Verify what kind of existing wall switch set-up you have and check the wiring.
  2. Choose the smart switch you want.
  3. Remove the old switch.
  4. Connect the wires on your new smart switch device to the wires in your wall.
  5. Carefully test them out.
  6. Connect them to your home wifi network.
Feb 22, 2022

Is smart switch faster with cable or wireless? ›

Is Smart Switch faster with cable or wireless? The USB cable transfer via Smart Switch for Android is faster as compared to wireless transfer.

Which is better smart light or smart switch? ›

Whether you opt for a smart bulb or a smart switch or both, you will experience the best that smart lighting has to offer. Smart switches give you the ability to make any of your existing light bulbs and fixtures smart, while smart bulbs give you the ability to play with color.

How long do smart switches last? ›

Smart switches should last you a lifetime, so there's no reason to worry about purchasing a new one later. There are also many unique tools that smart switches can save you money on your electrical bill – especially during winter.

Who is the leading manufacturer of switches? ›

List of Modular Switch Brands with Price & Rating
GM Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1504-4.5
Salzer Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1303.5-4
Schneider Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1003-4
ABB Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1503.5-4
9 more rows

What companies make light switches? ›

  • Leviton Electrical Devices.
  • Lutron Electrical Devices.
  • Pass & Seymour Legrand Electrical Devices.
  • Hubbell Premise Electrical Devices.
  • Discontinued Electrical Devices.

What is a 3-way smart light switch? ›

What is a 3-way smart switch? A three-way smart switch is a switch that allows you to control the lights from two places. It can be placed in two different corners of the house and can be used to turn on and turn off the lights at a particular place.

Are smart light switches worth it? ›

A smart switch replaces your old wall switch and controls the power to your light fixture. Most people install standard lights in the fixture. If you have no desire for color changing bulbs, then you don't really have a decision to make. Smart switches are the better choice for sure.

Does it matter where I put a dimmer in a 3-way switch? ›

If you only have 2 locations, the dimmer can go at either location. If you have 3 or more locations, it can only go at the beginning or end. On the 3-way switch there is a black screw. This should either have the power coming into the circuit or the wire going up to the light.

What is the difference between a 2 wire and 3-wire dimmer switch? ›

The simple explanation is that a 2-wire system does not include a Neutral wire at the light switch, the 3-wire system does include the Neutral at the switch.

How many LED lights can I put on a dimmer switch? ›

Varilight recommend putting no more than 10 LED lamps on one dimmer module. You can put multiple lamps on one plate, so if you have a three gang dimmer plate you can put thirty LED lamps on the plate in total (10 on each module).

What happens when you wire a 3-way switch wrong? ›

The light might not turn on, or might not turn off, or the circuit breaker might trip due to a short circuit, depending on how it is miswired.

What is the most common 3-way switch? ›

A three-way switch is used to control ceiling light fixtures or other fixtures and comes in three types. Most common is the single-pole switch, the type of electrical switch used to control a light fixture from a single location.

What is the difference between a 2 way light switch and a 3-way light switch? ›

3-way switches turn on 1 light from 2 locations, so that may really be what you are wanting to buy. Two way switches are specialized devices commonly used for heavy industrial machinery (and which we don't carry - check with the equipment manufacturer) but are commonly requested by mistake.

What happens if you reverse hot and neutral wires on a light switch? ›

This happens when the hot and neutral wires get flipped around at an outlet, or upstream from an outlet. Reversed polarity creates a potential shock hazard, but it's usually an easy repair. Any outlet tester will alert you to this condition, assuming you have a properly grounded three-prong outlet.

How do you tell if a 3 way switch is wired wrong? ›

Locate a Bad 3-Way Switch
  1. Toggle each switch until the light come on. Toggle one switch to see if it turns the light on and off. If it does, it is a good switch. Leave the light on.
  2. Toggle the other switch to see if it turns the light on and off. If it does, it is a good switch and the other is bad.

Why do smart switches need a neutral wire? ›

Smart switches require a constant power flow so their radios can communicate with other devices and hubs. A neutral wire connected to the switch completes the circuit and keeps electricity flowing to the smart switch.

Do smart bulbs raise electric bill? ›

Upgrading your current bulbs to smart bulbs will mean draw when off, but so minimal you wouldn't notice it on your energy bills. Expect an extra few cents a month, at most for the smart bulb's energy draw.

Do dusk to dawn lights use electricity when off? ›

A. Most manufacturers of outdoor light fixtures include instructions for how to adjust dusk to dawn light sensors to operate full-time. When set to detect motion all the time, dusk to dawn lights use electricity during the day, but only when triggered by movement.

Do smart switches use more electricity? ›

Using different radio wave frequencies such as Wi-Fi, Z-wave, or ZigBee, smart switches consume between 0.2 and 0.5 watts of electricity when on standby. On the other hand, your flat-screen TV, which is probably one of the least power-consuming appliances in your home, consumes 0.5 to 3 watts when idle.

What Cannot be transferred using Smart Switch? ›

Items that cannot be backed up with Smart Switch
  • Contacts: Contacts saved on the SIM card, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Google accounts, and work email accounts are excluded.
  • Calender: Appointments synced with external accounts, such as Google, and calendar stickers are excluded.

Does Samsung Smart Switch work on other brands? ›

Note: You may only transfer content from a non-Galaxy phone to a Galaxy phone with Smart Switch; it does not work the other way around.

Who makes smart switch app? ›

Developed by Samsung, Smart Switch is a dedicated tool that helps us manage our Samsung device and transfer data from any other iOS/Android phone to it. To provide a holistic smartphone management experience for users, Samsung has made Smart Switch available as a mobile and desktop application.

Who owns smart switch app? ›

More information
CategoryFile Management
AuthorSamsung Electronics co.,ltd
DateSep 19, 2022
Content Rating+3
2 more rows

What is the alternative to brilliant smart switch? ›

Smart Home Automation, Control and Lighting System.

The best alternatives to Brilliant are Logitech, Hayo, and Smart Home in a Box. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.

Does Smart Switch only work from Samsung to Samsung? ›

Smart Switch app is available on Android as well as PC. You can transfer data across mobile phones using the Android version. The desktop application allows you to create backup files and restore data. You can transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, Android to Samsung Galaxy, and Samsung to Samsung.

What should I do if my Samsung Smart Switch is not compatible? ›

Check the USB connections and cables.
  1. Make sure the USB cable is fully plugged in to your computer and your device.
  2. Try using a different USB cable. Not all USB cables can transfer data.
  3. Try a different USB port on your computer, if possible.


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